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About Stride Sports

Founded in 2022, Stride Sports strives to help athletes of all levels achieve their personal branding goals through brand design and merchandising.


What to expect from Stride Sports

Clients can expect a personal business to client relationship. We have a very transparent and athlete friendly process, where the client is the focus of every step! 

Stride Sports will work with clients to create a client's personal brand that both reflects their persona on and off the playing field.


What Stride Sports expects from Clients

We want to partner with passionate and driven athletes, who are ready to work to promote their merchandise and build their personal brand.

It is the client's duty to promote themselves via social media and word of mouth. This not only builds a strong foundation for the client's brand, but is also great marketing experience that will translate to any post-athletic career paths.


Stride Sports is not officially affiliated with any of the universities where our partners attend. Stride Sports does not use any official university or NCAA marks in the creation of our products.

As legally allowed by NCAA NIL guidelines, Stride Sports provide athletes a platform to build their personal brand and monetize their Name, Image and Likeness.