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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stride Sports?

Stride Sports provides athletes the platform to create and sell their own branded merchandise. Stride athletes will be able to sell tees, hoodies, beanies and more on their own branded store.


Why Stride Sports?

Stride Sports give athletes the opportunity to build and monetize their own brand. As an athlete, you'll handle the promotion of your branded merchandise by posting on social media and we will handle the designing of products, store creation, shipping process, and customer service.


How much does it cost me?

Nothing. Stride Sports does not charge any design or website creation fees. We will design your merchandise, run your store, and fulfill your orders, all at no cost to you. Plus you receive a monthly payout for your merchandise sold.


Do I need to have my own logo?

Nope! We will work with you to design the perfect logo for your brand. We will also work with you to create any other designs you would like to sell on merchandise.


How is the merchandise priced?

Athletes can set their own price markups for items. Each item will have a suggested price and the corresponding payout, but the athlete will have the choice to change the "for sale" price to change the payout amount for each item.


When will I get paid?

Every athlete will receive a monthly revenue report at the end of the month, detailing what items were sold and the size of the payout.


How are Stride Sports and NIL connected?

Times have changed in the college sports world and Stride Sports want to help you navigate monetizing your Name, Image, and Likeness.

Stated in the NCAA's NIL Interim Policy, 

• For institutions in states without NIL laws or executive actions or with NIL laws or executive actions that have not yet taken effect, if an individual elects to engage in an NIL activity, the individual’s eligibility for intercollegiate athletics will not be impacted by application of Bylaw 12 (Amateurism and Athletics Eligibility).

State laws vary and schools may have specific policies on athletes and NIL, so we ask that you always consult a school official before monetizing your brand and starting your store.